Christian Siriano Has Diversity All Figured Out

For 10 years, Siriano has proven there is no one he can’t dress. “Christian is the only designer I know of that really, truly believes in [diversity],” Schliftman says. “I just think that people were doing [diversity] to get a reaction while Christian actually believes that it should be something that’s real and exists. That’s why the curve models love him so much.” During the casting, one model brought him a bouquet of untied flowers and another slipped him a thank-you note that read “who writes thank-you cards?” Seynabou Cissé, a model from Senegal, reminded him that when she first walked in his show, she was a receptionist. “He truly believes that girls of every shape and size should be able to choose clothes like that. I just think it was a whole movement but no one stuck to it except for Christian. And maybe there’ve been a few others, and good for them, but he’s pretty much the only one.”