Your Horoscope This Week

How are you adjusting to the new vibes, stargazers? We’re well into our first Mercury retrograde of the year, and it’s definitely slowing our reactions and need for speed. Our thoughts are drawn to everything the second house of finances, as Uranus entered Taurus last week to create change and bring challenges our way. The sun continues to illuminate the sign of Pisces this week, keeping us tender and dreamy. A Mars and Neptune sextile arrives on the 10th, arousing our confidence in creativity! It’s safe to trust your gut on Thursday when action planet Mars trines with Saturn, our cosmic taskmaster. Together these planets will build the perfect setting for us to make smart and informed decisions. Friday’s Mercury – Jupiter square could cause some tempers to flare. When these two planets link up, it’s usually a celebratory occasion. However thanks to the messenger planet’s backward movement and ill-suited position, we could experience some miscommunications, unfulfilled promises, and general snafus.