Beats Studio3 Pure ANC Headphones

Focus on your own world when you wear the Beats Studio3 Pure ANC Headphones. This technology totally cuts environmental noise around you for these over-ear cans. The result? You hear just the music and only the music. Amazingly, the Pure ANC technology can actually determine the source of the noise and explicitly turn it down for you. Simultaneously, the Studio3 Headphones also use real-time audio calibration. As environmental noise is tuned out, the audio output is optimized. Resting comfortably around your ears, the Studio3 Headphones are ergonomic for any activity from work to your commute. Finally, the Studio3 Headphones are complete with an Apple W1 chip. With this, you know you’re getting the best of the best audio. Plus, the 22-hour battery life is certainly appealing.

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