Morror Smart Makeup Assistant Mirror

Always look your best with the Morror Smart Makeup Assistant Mirror. Functioning as a personal makeup assistant, Morror comes with pre-installed tutorials for makeup and skincare to enhance your beauty ritual. Additionally, it provides ideal lighting for your makeup application using the Pro-lux light system, which simulates natural light. The light system uses 38 LEDs and a smart chip to mimic the sun’s full-color spectrum as closely as possible. To use Morror, simply press the button to wake up the display or watch tutorials. To turn it off, just press the button again so you won’t disturb you. Morror also offers easy-to-follow makeup and skincare tutorials right on the screen. With this in-house feature, you don’t need to watch tutorials on your smartphone or tablet. New tutorials will also be released regularly. Finally, you can adjust the brightness, set timers and stay in the know using the information dashboard.

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