Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Easily make coffee in any space with the Cora Smart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. Thanks to its extremely compact design, this modular coffee accessory minimizes kitchen counter clutter. Made of premium materials, Cora always produces a good cup of coffee. Likewise, the materials include porcelain, cherry hardwood, and genuine leather. Inside the organic materials lies an efficient Bluetooth connected scale, allowing you to make delicious coffee at home. Powered by Bluetooth, the cherry hardwood smart scale seamlessly connects with your devices to display real-time weight in ounces or grams. Additionally, vegetable tanned leather covers the bottom of the scale, creating a lovely base. The scale magnetically clips to the Cora Coffee Brewer Carafe for convenient storage. Finally, Cora is a beautiful looking device that looks great in any kitchen.

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