A Guide To Ariana Grande's Growing Tattoo Collection

“Japanese Barbecue Finger”

Grande closed out January with her second number-one song, “7 Rings,” and a new hand tattoo to honor it. Unfortunately, instead of ending up with the proper Japanese translation of the song’s title, Grande was left with what roughly translated to “shichirin,” which is a Japanese-style barbecue grill. Two days later, she amended the tattoo, adding another character and a heart to read, “七輪指♡.”

But Japanese is read vertically from top to bottom as well as right to left, so the amendment doesn’t read “seven rings,” but “Japanese barbecue finger.” To Grande’s dismay, the pain for another fix was just too much to withstand. So, she’s resigned to the fact that she’ll probably never hear the end of this one and plans to love it anyways.