8 Celebs Who Got Real About Depression, Bipolar Disorder & Eating Disorders

Jonathan Van Ness

Earlier this year, Jonathan Van Ness spoke to the Trevor Project about his depression and anxiety.  “Depression is not as easy as saying, ‘Just find your joy and you’re going to become happy.’ That was never my experience,” he said. “When we’re identified fully with our depression, it will say, ‘You have no joy, you have no way out.’ There will be a negative, internal critic in our mind that we need to be able to dissociate from and pull ourselves away from.” 

He added that having people to confide in (both a therapist and loved ones) is important. “When we’re able to share with someone who we do feel safe with, we can realize that these things that are happening to us don’t make us unloveable and aren’t anything to have as a huge secret and don’t make our future dark and dreary,” he said. “Actually, we have a really gorgeous future and we deserve love and safety.”