How To Create The Perfect ’80s Aerobics Costume

The 1980s were quite a time. Steve Jobs introduced the first ever “Macintosh” computer. Sally Ride became the first American woman to go to space. And, of course, in 1982, Jane Fonda released her famed exercise video with the eponymous name: Jane Fonda’s Workout.

She’d go on to make multiple videos (some of which you can even stream on Amazon Prime today!), featuring herself and other women clad in tight and bright spandex leotards. It was the look of the times. And it was part of a bigger trend that lives on today in the form of ’80s aerobic Halloween costumes.

If you weren’t around in the ’80s, maybe you’re not sure how to accurately capture the spirit of this fashion moment. Luckily, we’ve created a mood board of sorts, to help you nail a costume that will make anyone who’s ever done Jazzercise proud.

The aerobics vibe couldn’t exist without the classic leotard. Luckily, you have options, even in 2019. This one is simple, chic, and you might even be able to wear it as a body suit during months that aren’t October.

If it’s chilly outside this Halloween, you can easily layer another colorful long sleeve underneath for a playful look.

Capezio Women’s Team Basic Short Sleeve Leotard, $, available at Amazon

If you’re looking for a more colorful option to match your high key aerobics energy, this is just the ticket.

Forever 21 Plus Size Velvet Rhinestone Bodysuit, $, available at Forever 21

You may never look at a bodysuit again without thinking about Jazzercise.

Free People Happiness Runs Bodysuit, $, available at Free People

Colorful tights are another crucial staple of ’80s workout attire.

Amazon HDE Women’s Solid Color Footed Tights, $, available at Amazon

The more opaque, the better.

ASOS DESIGN Asos Design 50 Denier Tights In Hot Pink, $, available at ASOS

No aerobics outfit is complete without leg warmers. You know, in case your ankles get cold while you’re doing the grapevine.

Syhood 80s Women Knit Leg Warmers Ribbed Leg Warmers for Party, $, available at Amazon

These sweatbands will add a pop of color to your already flashy outfit. They can be functional, too, if you plan on doing a lot of dancing at your Halloween party.

Suddora Suddora Headband/Wristband Set, $, available at Suddora

These strap-on weights give you a hands-free way to prove you’re serious about this costume. So serious, in fact, you brought weights to a party.

As an alternative, you can carry around small hand weights or a kettlebell.

Bala Bangles Bala Bangles 1 Lb. Weights, $, available at Free People

Accessories are key, no matter the decade.

Nine West Colorful Hoop Earrings, $, available at Kohl’s

Although these costumes are always bursting with neon shades, you may want a pair of toned down sneakers so the outfit isn’t too overwhelming. White tennis shoes to the rescue.

Converse Hi Chuck Taylor CVS Mono Trainers, $, available at House of Fraser

These kicks will add a bit of flair, without distracting from the spandex, the star of the show.

New Balance x Reformation New Balance X Reformation 997W Sneakers, $, available at Reformation

If accessorizing has never been your thing, or you just don’t want to buy the costume in parts, there’s an actual “’80s workout” Halloween costume you can buy on Amazon. It comes with a jumpsuit, headband, and wrist cuffs.

Smiffys Smiffy’s Women’s 80’s Work Out Costume, $, available at Amazon

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